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Iceman Icerack
"Pour at the Hip & Drink at the Tip" The Iceman is a well hung ice sculpture that will surely make people open there mouths in excitement. No more salt shakes....You can shoot any of your favorite shots through this lovely man. "Pour in the Tube & Drink a Boob” What’s better then taking a shot out of a frozen Tit? Two frozen Tits..That's right my fizzy fuzzy poppers. Each Boob has it's own individual funnel to feed the nipple. Finally, sucking on nipples isn't just for her is productive!!!
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Shamrock Shooting Stars Love & War
Here’s to a long life and a merry one.

A quick death and an easy one

A pretty girl and an honest one

A cold shot – and another one!
Don't just shoot for the Stars! Shoot Through the Stars!!! Light up your life with this party favorite. Show your patriotism and make your ice luge Red, White, and Blue. Or go for the classic clear. Anyway you color it, Shooting the Stars Ice Luge brings the fun to your party. Involve the kids by pouring their favorite juice through this baby. Great fun for the whole family. You can’t have love without war….It is unfortunate but we must embrace the power and strength of our hearts….And what better way than taking a shot through the heart?
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2010 21 30
2011 – A Year to Party! Live For Today…Plan For Tomorrow… Party Tonight!!! There are at least 365 reasons for you to party with this Ice Luge. Twenty-One and Having Fun! Now it’s time to step it up for your one and only B-day transformation! The newest and most innovative tool to encourage drinking on that special birthday. Save the shot glasses for your 80th birthday because your party deserves something more fun than that....(also good for your BlackJack gambling parties). Thirty & Thirsty…It’s all about quenching the thirst that your 30 years of life has generated. It’s time to shift gears and slide onto your better years!
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40 50
Freakin' Forty…It's the new 30. Show them youngsters how a party is supposed to be done. This Lugez is guaranteed to make an unforgettable Freakin' Forty Party!

WTF Fifty.

"Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children."
~ George Bernard Shaw.

Bring on your the latter years with this party favorite.

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